Culture In Nursing Essay

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This assignment will look at the impact of culture in professional practice and how it will affect patients and their needs in nursing. ‘Culture’ refers to the ways in which people in a given society live together and how they communicate with each other (Hendry,2008). The aspects of culture this assignment will look at are religion, language and gender and how nurses develop cultural competency and cultural sensitivity towards their patients.

Culture is a set of beliefs, values and attitudes that a person inherits from a society or a group that they are in and they learn how to view the world and how to behave, these principles can then be passed down from generation to generation so that the culture that has been inherited can live on for
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personal cleansing and hygiene. There are also some patients who will only want a female nurse or male nurse to attend to their personal care; there are some nurses who are in danger of ignoring certain cultures that some patients have therefore not giving the patient the right care that they need. Which is why cultural competency is absolutely important, to offer culturally competent care is imperative as nurses have to support patient’s decisions made by their family members or from the patient, the decision may come from a cultural perspective which may not sit well for nurses. Truong, Paradies, and Priest (2014) found evidence of improvement in nurses and other healthcare providers when it comes to cultural competency knowledge and…show more content…
This causes problems about the diagnosis as well as how nurses may tell patients about issues with their care. A way a nurse can overcome this is by having an interpreter when they know that a patient doesn’t know English, but this is not always the case for most nurses as there are not a lot of interpreters around. In health practice language isn’t always to do with culture but it can be the way a nurse or doctor speaks to the patients so they may adopt certain types of jargon and the patients may feel intimidated. Madeleine Leininger, who is the founder of transcultural nursing, says that providing competent care across all cultures and to be customized to fit patient’s different beliefs and traditions and different languages that a patient may speak. Divi et al (2007) claims that language barriers increase the risk of patient care and safety as they will find it difficult to understand what is going on with their care, so it is important for patients to have access to language services such as an
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