Not A Degree Is The American Dream Essay

Not A Degree Is The American Dream Essay

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Although many tend to think going to college and getting a degree is the american dream, that varies, and in most circumstances that isn’t the truth at all. As college prices have soared over the past few decades, and student debt becoming evermore of a factor in the decision of going to college has been increasingly difficult.
In Linda Lee’s case, her son was one who was smart but never really applied himself and then when it came time to go to college he was ill-prepared and had no clue about what to do with himself; however, with how “America is obsessed with college” (Lee 3) it isn’t really his fault that he wasn’t prepared but more of a lack on the educational systems part. During high school, you are pushed to take what classes best fit you, if you have been in remedial classes throughout middle school and junior high then that is what you will most likely be placed in during high school. There isn’t any challenging how things work or taking classes outside of what other people believe is your comfort zone, and that is all due to the fact that it is easier to make someone go w...

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