Nori Nori Japanese Seafood & Sushi Buffet's Discrimination Lawsuit Essay

Nori Nori Japanese Seafood & Sushi Buffet's Discrimination Lawsuit Essay

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Minado Japanese Seafood Buffet within the Mashatu Group Ltd. has been operating for approximately 10 years. With the thriving success of many locations of Minado restaurants in the North East, Mashatu Group Ltd. decided to open a new location in Georgia entitle Nori Nori Japanese Seafood & Sushi Buffet. On October 20, 2008 the door of Nori Nori unlock to attract the public’s appetite. Although Nori Nori has only been open for one year and one month, there have already been two different General Managers; Michael Fuller and Kenny Ly. However, the most recent General Manager is Hien Thach.
Hien Thach has been there before October 20, 2008. She began working at Nori Nori around August as a server in training. Even though she has prior experience as a server, she still has to go through the fundamental training for Nori Nori and at the same time assist new servers. Through exceptional performance and with the position of assignment manager open, Ms. Thach was offered the promotion in February 2009. From February to May Ms. Thach was in charge of supervising the servers, hostesses, and kitchen staff. Beside from overseeing the staff she is in charge of the daily routine and the smooth running of Nori Nori. Sadly, with the termination of the General Manager Kenny Ly, Ms. Thach was given the option of another promotion in May. With careful deliberation and careful assessment, Ms. Thach accepted the offer. For 6 months Ms. Thach has operated Nori Nori and has been handling the minor to major details.
Therefore, one of the reasons I decided to interview Hien Thach is because she is my General Manager and another one is because she is my friend. From a server to GM she has experience many problems at Nori Nori. While a server, she encoun...

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...n educated in class. The only new information I encounter is the discrimination towards customers and harassment. Knowledge on how corporation runs and the liability I have already learned in class. What I take out of this interview is that by operating a restaurant and providing service to customers, the owner should always keep the customer’s comfort in mind. Beside the customer, they also need to mind the environment as to how the employee should act with one another; where no one experience threatens or uncomfortable towards each other. I do hope however that in class we will cover harassment but with the limited schedule it won’t be allow. However, the matter on Employment Discrimination will be discussed which is also a big deal in the work industry. Even Nori Nori has a policy that provides equal opportunity towards all current employees and future employees.

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