The New Theme For Healthcare Essay

The New Theme For Healthcare Essay

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The new theme for healthcare in the United States seems to be a push universal health care, just as other developed countries have because it is best for the people of a nation. So, what happens when the population of that nation is 4 times larger than another? Can we adequately compare or utilize that country as a model for universal health care systems when population sizes and dominant cultural characteristics are so different? The country of Brittan is part of the National Health Service (NHS) overseen by the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
Britain and Indonesia are both island nations that have universal health care systems. Because of the vast difference of population, the healthcare system is greatly different, as well as the delivery of patient care, but the foundation is the same. Britain has a population of approximately 67 million people where in Indonesia has a population of nearly 249 million people according to the CIA World Factbook. Let’s compare the two countries due to the fact Brittan is considered the beacon of health care in the world and Indonesia has a population number closest to the United State.

Brittan has a budget for its universal health care system called the National Health Service of 116 billion dollars for 2015, to care of 64 million people. So, what does this budget in healthcare get the people of Britain? At the end of 2014, a Gallup poll was conducted by Cheat Sheet, found that Britain had the number one healthcare system in the world. It scored a 95% because of its efficiency for cost, access, and follow-up care. This poll was conducted with 10 other countries. The United States being the worst of the 11 countries (E.Rawes 2015). Now let 's look at some of the dominant ...

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...ression due to the fact that it is not meeting the needs of the people who it was set up for. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 36% of the Indonesian population is uninsured and not seeking or unable to get the care that they need.
Another factor is trust back in 2008 a government hospital sued a patient for making comments about the poor care that she had received. The comment that she had made it up on the Internet. Which caused the government facility to go after her. This caused a nationwide debate about the Indonesian universal health care system and its inadequacies to its patients (IRIN 2015). The Indonesian government reports based on surveys of customer satisfaction is up 81% and 95% the people of Indonesia understand the healthcare system. Indonesia also touts that complaints from patients are resolved in a day and a half (I. Humaidi 2015).

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