Essay on The New Imperialism During the 19th Century

Essay on The New Imperialism During the 19th Century

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The New Imperialism during the 19th century throughout Africa and Asia was an influential prompt to the rise of colonialism and powerful European empires. Consisting of raw materials, markets for European business, and provided resources made the African and Asian colonies extremely ingenious for European empires. However, as the 20th century emerged, imperialism suddenly faded and became a sentiment of the past. Surely even one of the most influential empires at a certain point in time – Britain, gradually came at ease with dropping its imperial rule over some colonies. Likewise, following gory and extensive battles, a parallel approach was taken by France. Nevertheless, the utmost spark to the 20th century decolonization was primarily spurred by Europe’s economic condition, the altercation of superiority thought by Europeans, as well as the worldwide expansion of nationalism.
Europeans were most commonly at a higher technical advantage opposed to those they were tyrannizing, which made the imperialism thrive on their behalf. Certainly it was the Industrial Revolution which formed modern warfare. The Industrial Revolution was the uprising to mass production, the development of factories, and the advances of
technology. This ultimately aided the Europeans verse other civilizations, because they
weren’t as technologically fortunate and state-of-the-art. Hand guns and rifles advanced
regarding achievable uniformity, which followed the invention of their interchangeable
parts, increasing the weapons superiority. The Opium Wars exhibited this speculation,
for the European power was unmatched. Yet, the fatigue on European nations militarily
and economically, was relatively inescapable after the extensive strain of World War I and
II. T...

... middle of paper ...

...n they also renamed the land to Zimbabwe.
European nations were affected by the emergence of industrialization and nationalism, and urged to discover the unfamiliar lands of Asia, Africa, South Africa, and Southeast Asia during the nineteenth century. Due to the outcomes, there was immense change that affected the political, social, and economical foundations of the colonizing nations as well as those being colonized. Nevertheless, The United States was disinclined with accepting the continuation of the enormous British Empire, postwar. Thus then came the end to imperialism, and the start of decolonization in 1947, with the initiation of India claiming its independence. Despite the attempt by England and France to revolt, the US and USSR’s hostility enforced them to accept their defeat, which ultimately signified the last imperial trace to movements of nationalism.

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