Effects of World War II

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World War II had a large effect on America, on how we were regarded in the world, on how our culture would grow and develop, and on how our citizens would develop and settle the land on their return. It brought people together for a while that were later torn apart, and changed the way Americans looked at higher education. Perhaps most importantly, it brought America to the world and served it up to them as something that could grow and become part of their culture, call it the Coca-Colonization of the world (Marling).

It had an effect on the status of women in the economy, on the ability of Blacks and Hispanics to get a step up (for a short time), and the movement of returning soldiers to houses they could purchase in the suburbs to get away from city life while still being close enough to the city to enjoy all that it offered. Add to that the cultural changes caused by the effects of the nuclear bomb and the Cold War and you have many new and previously inexperienced effects from the war (HS102).

In every war the women had stepped up to try to help the men who were off to fight, but the more agrarian societies of the revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and even World War I meant that most stepped up to do the work on the farm. In World War II, it was just as likely that the wives and mothers were stepping up to take a place in a factory as in the fields. While America was still primarily agrarian, the factories needed for warfare had brought the women to take their husband’s and son’s and boyfriend’s places. And while some women followed their husbands to the battlefront in the Civil War, and a few even enlisted as men, World War II brought a whole new experience as a huge war machine needed the men at the fronts for ...

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...gger and better brought a completely new way of life that was exported. World-wide (Marling) including the domination of English as the language of science and a whole lot more (Keniston), until it became the main language of the Internet and other things we enjoy today.

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