The Nephew's Italian American Restaurant Is the Place for You Essay

The Nephew's Italian American Restaurant Is the Place for You Essay

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If Italian food is your thing then New England gives you many options. From big chains to smaller, more unique establishments, you’re sure to find one to your liking. Some will argue that the best around can be found in Providence on the famous Federal Hill. I myself beg to differ. If you don’t mind driving a little off the beaten path you’ll find a hidden gem. In a small plaza, just off 140 in East Freetown, is The Nephew’s Restaurant. If you want authentic, homemade, Italian cuisine, the freshest seafood or the biggest, juiciest steaks than The Nephew’s is the place for you.
Last Friday night me and my fiancée decided to venture out into the cold for dinner and decided to stay local. Upon entering the parking lot it doesn’t seem to be anything special, just another small town restaurant, but walk through the front doors and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In the entrance way as well as along some of the walls inside you’re greeted by the framed, smiling faces of local boys and girls from baseball teams that the restaurant has sponsored. This was especially delightful for me as I scoured the walls to find my son and just as I was giving up hope there he was with his big toothless grin smiling up at me from under his one size too big baseball cap. These personal touches are one of the reasons Nephew’s is special.
If you’re lucky enough to arrive at just the right time, like we did, you’ll be seated without having to wait. Although it’s not a big place I’m sure that once you’ve had the pleasure of eating here you’ll agree that a short wait is worth the delicious food. Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere is as well. You will be greeted by some of the friendliest hostesses around, if not by one of th...

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...become one of the regulars and come back and try some of the other dishes which include a variety of salads and sandwiches both open and closed ($4.95- $10.95), lots of Italian favorites such as Chicken Parm. ($10.95), a variety of steak and seafood dishes, their famous thin crust pizzas as well as several daily specials.
Christine came over and offered us dessert but being quite full we had to decline, although the Tiramisu was tempting. She gave us our bill which totaled $42.45. We thought this was quite reasonable for the homemade taste, great atmosphere and generous portions.
So if you’re looking for a touristy dinner in a big city you won’t be finding that here. But if you ever find yourself out for a drive and end up in the small town of Freetown looking for a nice cozy atmosphere with great food Nephew’s is the place for you!

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