My Personal Culture Essay

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What made me into the person I am today? I have asked myself this question many times before, yet it all leads back to the same concept. In fact, I came to the conclusion that it is simply a summarization of our developing years. For example, some of our biggest influences, especially in those years, are our parents and friends. Our parents help shape us into the people we are today and, in most cases, we share the same values as them. In addition, our friends are also part of the reason we are who we are. They are the first group of people we interact with and whether we mean to or not, we try to imitate them as much as we can. As a result, the three values of my personal culture that make me into who I am are respect, work ethic, and joy.…show more content…
It appears to be one of the many features I first experienced while growing up. Coming from a Spanish-speaking Mexican family, respect is one of the most important traits I was taught. In my household, it was especially important to know what specific actions I could perform in front of my parents, Florencia and Francisco. Of course, there was the typical no talking back nor rolling of the eyes at them but a big factor was language. Specifically, in Spanish, there are two different forms in which l could speak to someone. These two forms are the formal, typically used with someone who is older, and informal, used with someone who is younger. As the name of the forms implied one was used when we wanted to be more formal and the other used at any other point. Growing up, this played a big factor when speaking to aunts, uncles, strangers, teachers, and most importantly parents. Undeniably, my siblings, Laura and Daniel, and I were taught to only use the formal with that group of people as a sign of respect. Later in life, I realized that because my parents raised me that way I had specific standards on how I want younger children to treat me. For example, my niece and nephews, Abigail, Carlos, and Esteban, were all raised like me and know that when speaking to that same group of people, they have to use the formal form. Today, I am an overall respectful person towards everyone I interact with no matter what the…show more content…
As a child, the event that I remember most was an evening at the park with my siblings and dad. Although my dad spent numerous days and nights working, he would always find a way to fit in time to spend with his kids. It was a lovely spring evening in Cathedral City when my siblings and I wanted to go to the nearby Panorama Park. My dad didn’t hesitate and the next thing I remember was packing our new bikes into the trunk of his truck. We quickly rushed over as the sun was setting and as soon as we arrived it was nowhere to be seen but we were determined to play for as long as possible. Before we left, we begged my dad to play one round of hide-and-go-seek in the unlit park and soon enough we were running around like chickens without their heads. Many rounds passed and my dad found each of us every time until he could no longer catch his own breath. As children, most of us don’t want the newest toy or the shiniest jewelry but instead memories like these that will forever stay with us. Not only have events like these brought me joy, but people do as well. About two years ago, I started my first job as a host for a Mexican Restaurant named Pueblo Viejo Grill in Palm Desert. This first job experience made me appreciate people and realized how much joy they bring into my life. Of course, as an employee of a restaurant, there will be those customers that make it their hobby to complain as much as they can just because
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