Carmine's Southern Italian Restaurant Analysis

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I will be talking about Carmine’s Southern Italian Restaurant, Specifically the Theater District location where I work. Carmine’s located in the Theater District is a very successful establishment; I have met some of the hardest working individuals in my time of employment and have learned how the company works. They are a family style restaurant where all food is meant to be shared. Carmine’s implements a real good concept and I will be talking about all of things that help this business thrive and be a fan favorite in New York. The first Carmine’s opened on the Upper West Side on 91st street, in the year of 1990. The owner and founder Artie Cutler wanted to bring family style dining and home style Italian food to Manhattan. The Upper West Side location was a quick hit and Artie quickly wanted to expand. Two years later the second Carmine’s opened up in the Theater District on 44th street, back in the 1990s Times Square was not really known as mecca for restaurants but that quickly changed. Artie Cutler died of a heart attack in 1997, but his wife Alice Cutler kept his vision and dream alive. The first Carmine’s to open up outside of New York is located in Atlantic City at the Tropicana hotel; it opened up in December of 2004. Alice Cutler did not stop there she opened up another Carmine’s in the Bahamas a year later, Washington D.C in 2010, and the latest addition in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The Mission statement of Carmine’s is how important it is for them to have a wow-factor. They want every meal to taste delicious and unique. The General Manager (Mario Contacessi) from the Theater District location where I work said they really focus on the consistency of the food they serve, family atmosphere, and good pricing. Carmi... ... middle of paper ... ... Carmine’s an ideal place to have a meal before or after a Broadway play. Due to the fact that we are located in the heart of Times Square there is always high pedestrian traffic and people looking for a good place to eat. My personal insight of the operations is that Carmine’s located in the Theater District is great place to eat and work. They are making way more money than they are spending, they have managers that are knowledgeable and know how to control cost. Carmine’s is an overall successful business and is an ideal place of employment due to the fact that you can always move up in the company. I really enjoyed writing this paper because I work here and gave me a better insight and opinion of the establishment. The food is great and the people I work alongside are even better, we host some of the funniest and great people from around the world as our guest.

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