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Visiting Munich Wouldn’t it be fun to visit a different country? Many people visit different states, countries and continents for fun vacations, to see the world, or experience other cultures and histories. Europe and the United States are common vacation hotspots, others are the Caribbean, Philippines, and Asian countries like Japan. Some vacations are determined by price, some by location and attractions available, others by the time of year. But no matter where a person goes to take a trip, they are in store for a lot of fun and learning experiences. Take the beautiful city of Munich in Bavaria Germany for example, a city with a rich history, offering so much to see and experience. What could someone expect from visiting Munich? What is…show more content…
The Osteria Italiana is a higher range Italian restaurant with the reputation of once being Hitler’s favorite, and although the cost is around $150 for two, the food is exquisite and prepared fresh each day and is a great option for a date night(Williams). Another, more wallet friendly option, would be dining in one of the countless Beer Gardens that are scattered throughout Munich(Williams). These Beer Gardens have delicious food for the low cost of $15 a meal(WIlliams). Or try one of the 140+ local food vendors that can be found in the bustling Viktualienmarkt, where prices range from reasonable to a little pricey, and there is a variety of food offered, from more modern foods, to traditional style meals(Williams). Neat little cafes are tucked away between other buildings all over Munich, offering fresh pastries and drinks for reasonable price(Williams). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days in Munich, eating at reasonable prices, will cost roughly $70 or a little more. But what if someone wanted to prepare their own food in their hotel room, how much would that

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