Namaste International Hotel’s Market Entry Into India Essay

Namaste International Hotel’s Market Entry Into India Essay

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One of the Namaste International Hotel’s main strengths lies in its position as a joint venture with The Leela, an already established luxury brand hotel in India. The Leela is one of the country’s most well respected luxury hotels and it aims “to sustain and surpass excellence in service, ambience and performance hall marks that distinguishes The Leela Group. The strategic locations, individuality, architectural aesthetics, lush greens and the intrinsic Indian culture holds true for every Leela property. Reflecting thereby ‘The Essence of India’.” Furthermore, The Leela Group focuses on an “operating philosophy [that has] personalized service and comprehensive logistic support. We ensure that our esteemed clients, devote their time to the sole purpose of their stay - to conduct business and relax in the most conducive environment” (Vision and Mission). The Namaste International Hotel fits in with the mantra of The Leela Group as a specialized luxury provider to businessmen and women from all over the world. Since The Leela has worked hard to establish itself as a leader in their market, a joint venture with this hotel brand provides the Namaste International Hotel with expertise in the hotel business in a similar format already established with their other hotels. Moreover, the Namaste International Hotel has many resources at its disposal to become competitive and successful in the Hyderabad, India market. Also, as a hotel operating as a joint venture to The Leela, we gain the loyal customer base that knows what quality to expect, a huge competitive advantage for the Namaste International Hotel.
Our strengths also can be found within the market that we have chosen to get involved in. The soon to be bustling, ...

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