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The Business of Tourism and Hospitality

Operating in the Great Barrier Reef
Resorts in Whitsundays deliver an indulgence living, a revitalizing spa, restaurants, and adventures
By Maria Brown

Hospitality Sector is a comprehensive classification of the service business that comprises accommodations, food & beverages and fun activities within the tourism industry (Chon and Maier, 2010 pp. 34-36). Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world and the largest living structure (Wikipedia: Great Barrier Reef, 2017). It is visible from the outer space and stretches over 2000km in length (Wolf, 2013 pp. 5-6). Great Barrier Reef's islands are merely fascinating, with over 100 islands from private and exciting islands
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Resorts in the region have shown importance to the community because it creates employment opportunities (Economic contribution of the Great Barrier Reef, 2013). Furthermore, the Hospitality sector is creating direct employment for most resort businesses and also employment to indirect segments like suppliers, company that provide dry cleaning services for the guests and staff, restaurant, retailer, and transportation. So when the tourists and locals spend their incomes on services and goods, it leads to a multiplier effect because it is creating added jobs (Economic contribution of the Great Barrier Reef, 2013). According to Australia Tourism, "the Great Barrier Reef funds 69,000 jobs from resort sector and contributes $5.7 billion to the Australian and Queensland economies" (Australia, 2016). As a result, it has enhanced a sustainable income to the residents and the community. The government benefits from the resorts by raising the tax revenues that give government opportunities to build infrastructures hence, promoting economic development (Hall, 2007 pp.…show more content…
Well, the future of their business implicates taking risks and timing. Customers want satisfaction with services and products the resort can offer. Customer service excellence leads to customer gratification that leads to loyal customers and higher profits of the Resorts. The success of the resort owners in the region has a good comprehension on the regulations governing the hospitality sector of the economy; that includes an understanding of the tax structure. Another factor is empowering leadership in the business segment a strategy by the management of the resort to give their employees the means to make decisions in the workplace without being supervised (Sturgess,
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