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The Business of Tourism and Hospitality Operating in the Great Barrier Reef Resorts in Whitsundays deliver an indulgence living, a revitalizing spa, restaurants, and adventures By Maria Brown Hospitality Sector is a comprehensive classification of the service business that comprises accommodations, food & beverages and fun activities within the tourism industry (Chon and Maier, 2010 pp. 34-36). Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world and the largest living structure (Wikipedia: Great Barrier Reef, 2017). It is visible from the outer space and stretches over 2000km in length (Wolf, 2013 pp. 5-6). Great Barrier Reef's islands are merely fascinating, with over 100 islands from private and exciting islands to the world famous Whitsundays located close to the center of the Great Barrier Reef. It offers a perfect base for exploring this aquatic wonderland (Tourism Whitsundays, 2017). Whitsundays is the most highly visited area due to the largest activities it provides. Whitsundays is a popular destination permitting visitors to experience remote isolations from resorts such as the Qualia or Coral Sea Resort. Resorts in the region have shown importance to the community because it creates employment opportunities (Economic contribution of the Great Barrier Reef, 2013). Furthermore, the Hospitality sector is creating direct employment for most resort businesses and also employment to indirect segments like suppliers, company that provide dry cleaning services for the guests and staff, restaurant, retailer, and transportation. So when the tourists and locals spend their incomes on services and goods, it ... ... middle of paper ... ...tus-quo, coming up with a strategy development and an action plan in the way of minimizing the problem. For instance, they are employing the Marine Cloud Brightening Technology (MCBT) to protect the catastrophic bleaching taking place as a consequence of climate change (Mules, 2017). The future sustainability of the resort business is important, and this can be enhanced and sustained through Environmental Footprint that process consumption of natural resources to regenerate them to reduce carbon footprints (Edgell, 2006 pp. 34-42). Resort owners should ratify Environmental Policies by implementing appropriate requirements. To make sure that this business segment has Environmental programs such as recycling and to reduce consumption of water that will reduce the environmental effect and improve their performance (Edgell, 2006 pp.34-42). The Travel Magazine 2

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