My Writing Experience At Pepperdine University Essays

My Writing Experience At Pepperdine University Essays

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Throughout this portfolio are four different essays which best resembles my past years in college. My writing experiences in Pepperdine University has been tremendously fun and has been a crucial learning point in my college years. Through my experiences of writing four page long research papers in high school, now I am challenge to write a ten or more pages research paper in courses from Business to Religion. The following essays are chosen from BA 355, Introduction to Marketing with Professor Steven Bauer, BA 366, Organizational Behavior taught by Professor Alan Nelson, ENG 380, Victorian Literature taught by Professor Jacqueline Dillion, and REL 301, Christianity and Culture taught by Dr. Christina Littlefield.
In Introduction to Marketing, Professor Bauer introduces us to the importance of marketing in an organization because marketing is the only sector in an organization where the consumer is the primary goal. Through the class, we were set into groups and we were assigned to pick a company and create a new product. Our goal is to market the new product through a marketing pl...

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