My Writing A Proper Paper And Follow Mla And. Apa Guidelines

My Writing A Proper Paper And Follow Mla And. Apa Guidelines

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Throughout this year, I’ve learned a lot about how to write a proper paper and follow MLA and
APA guidelines. I have to say that I didn’t enjoy all the papers I wrote this year, and there is no doubt that
some of them were harder than others. Not because it required a lot of digging around and extensive
research, but because I find I put more thought into papers that are interesting to me. The essays I chose
for my portfolio are the ones that I enjoyed the most. They are the product of an interest in what I’m
writing and if I ever wanted to picture what I’m thinking in words about a subject I like, these would be
that picture.
However, regardless of what paper I wrote, there would always be flaws. Huge, titanic flaws in
my writing. I would like to say that I’ve learned from these mistakes but I know I will make the same
mistakes in future papers that I write. But that’s just a part of the writing process, making mistakes and
fixing them and then making them again so you can fix them again. Using Smarthinking to get feedback
on my papers before I submitted them was a big help this year. Getting insight from people who write
papers and look at other peoples papers all day provided the peer review that was important in shaping
my essays. They even used the “Love Sandwich” technique to soften the criticism of my papers, which
was much needed.
My first paper that I want to talk about, which was probably my favorite of the year, was my
Narrative essay. I loved the idea of being able to write about whatever I wanted to, and so I picked
something that was close to my heart. My narrative essay goes over how I came to work at Camp
Olmsted. I’ve worked at Olmsted for the past five years and it has changed me immensely. Being able to
share th...

... middle of paper ...

...g out for them, although I know that’s
just a high expectation.
These papers are just the ones that sparked my imagination and really got me thinking and
wondering how I could make the paper better. Even if I didn’t get a good grade on these papers they still
left the most impact on me. Compared to something like the literary analysis paper or the conceptual
analysis paper which I did not enjoy but still did well on, the papers I have included in my portfolio
piqued my interest and I would gladly write another one on something that I enjoy. It’s not enough to
say that this class changed my way of writing. It introduced me to the idea that whatever I write, as long
as I enjoy it, it doesn’t matter that I don’t get a good grade on it but that I took something away from it. I
look forward to using this newfound enjoyment of writing what I want to write in future papers.

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