Essay On Social Work

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Research is a necessity when it comes to providing services. Social Workers need it to be able to determine their clients ' needs, to see what resources/services they have access to and if their client doesn 't have much access where can they get it. Research is also used to see how effective an intervention is and whether it would be a right fit for their clients. It provides social service agents with ways to identify problems within their clients, communities, organizations, and the government. Also it helps them to create ways to aid in effective change. It is very beneficial when a social worker needs to "assess the needs and resources of people in their environments, evaluate the effectiveness of social work services in meeting people…show more content…
While there, Mary published multiple books like What is Social Case Work? and the Social Diagnosis "the first book to address professional social work practice, in 1917. A guide for beginning caseworker, the book outlined ways to diagnose and assess need, and it greatly influenced the new profession. Mary Richmond 's work codified the emphasis on casework in the tradition of focusing on the individual" (Popple,1995; Segal, Gerdes & Steiner, 2010). Her book also "constructed the foundation for the scientific methodology development of professional social work" (History of Social Work). Not only did Mary published books but she also orchestrated research studies. One of them was the Nine Hundred Eighty-five Widows where she studied different aspects of marriage, families and widowhood. Mary helped to take research to another level "it was Richmond who systematically developed the content and methodology of diagnosis in the period around 1910" (History of Social Work). She connected how people 's environment can play a role in their situations "she believed that social problems for a family or individual should be looked at by first looking at the individual or family, then including their closest social ties such as families, schools, churches, and jobs. Finally casework would then look at the community…show more content…
Following the ethical codes and getting approval from the Institutional Review Board (if the study has human subjects) can really decrease the possibility of any harm being done to the participants. A perfect example of a research study that had lots of things unethical practices was the Tuskegee Syphilis study: The Tuskegee syphilis study was conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) beginning in 1932. The study examined untreated cases of latent syphilis in human subjects to determine the “natural course” of the disease. Four hundred African American males from Tuskegee, Alabama, who already had syphilis, were recruited for this study, along with a matched sample of 200 non-infected males. The subjects were not asked to provide their informed consent to participate in this project...antibiotic treatment
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