Essay on My Trip Is Going Well

Essay on My Trip Is Going Well

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My weekend is going well. I work all week, 45 h/week it is looking like a not too hard, but my kids yell and cry to me all time. I was straining. That why when I have free time during the weekend. I like to go hang out with my friend and find some fun to do. I really wanted to make myself happy and relax. Sometime I just went to walk and ride bicycles around the house. I wanted to take a class in college or normal school and go to school 3 day or 4 days/ week. I want to make friend and find new experience from normal school that is my dream in my young.

My working hours were the same time ( Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday between 9AM - 4PM ) as the classes I wanted to take, I was unable to go to school. My host family do not want me to use the car. This leaves me with no car to go to school. If I want to take a bus or train It is hard to find stations near me or I need to ask the host family to take me there and I have to go alone no friend. When I take a class in Siverbay I have friends to go with me. We are taking a Concord bus from Portland , Maine to Boston and Boston to Albany. After that we take the taxi to Century House. we sit in the car 6-8 H. and bus ticket not expensive just $50. Actually if I go to take a class in college, I need to pay $500-$1000/3cradit or over. Host family pay for my school 500/6 cradit . That means it is not enough, but for Siverbay I pay just $295/3 cradit 36-45 hours. I thought this was a good price for the Au pair weekend course. I am trying to practice my English Language as I 'm always listening, writing, speaking, reading and thinking. I think I am better now than before I came to America, but I am still thinking in my first language and have to translate to English language. I know that thi...

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...u do not have to care whatever make you upset or unhappy because when you back to your country this is a your where your dream success” They can share idea and talk about the future. Teacher can suggest them. it is a good question and easy, but sometime it is hard to answer.

You should add the sport. it is not just from the USA. I mean sport from our country .What kind of sport it is popular in your country. When I came to USA. I try to understand football (It is not soccer ) and baseball, but it is hard to understand.

you should add topic food from your our country and place you are recommending. I like to learn how to cook and I think food come with culture and life style

you should add topic how to talk care the kid when they cry or do not listen to you

I plan to Contact with my friend from another contry becous I like to travel and meet new people.

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