My Ideal Experience Essay

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The Journey, the Ideal When I was young, I could be anything I wanted. A princess for a day? Done. Everything was that simple. My whole world- my whole life was the definition of an idealism. As I was exposed to more of the real world and happenings of real life, my idealistic image seemed to dwindle away. No longer did I possess the adequacy to be a princess. I could not handle the throne much deserve the authority. This analogy, I feel, is fitting for my college experience. Why? There are a few things only time can teach you and only through experience can you remember. The readings Orientation, We’re Not in High School Anymore, and Reading: How to Stay on Top of It along with the illustrations, a smooth ride and an obstacle course, further demonstrate the analogy that there is a great disparity in comparing the idealistic image to realistic happenings. Dreaming about being a freshman in college is much more exciting than being one. Why is that? My senior year of high…show more content…
Much older now, I still can be anything I want to be. Some may call me naïve for thinking this, but I don’t identify this quality as such at all. Sure, idealistic images fade away. My college experience does not even begin to match up with what I imagined. Why is this unimportant? The ideal I still hang on to is not influenced by external factors. My ideal is and will always be my dream of becoming the best version of myself and doing what I know I can do best in. The readings and the illustrations demonstrate that college is a journey. There may be obstacles, but there is still a finish line. There may be discrepancies of real life to what you imagined, but that is the beauty in it all. There are a few things only time can teach you and only through experience can you remember. My true ideal? I will never forget. It’s my driving force. I will hurdle mountains, swim oceans, and tightrope miles to reach it: becoming who I always dreamt of
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