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985 words

For the purpose of this paper I will be describing a personal life experience and I will be applying concepts from the texts to best describe the event. I was born here in the United States (US) but, I was raised in the Dominican Republic (DR). I lived in the DR basically my entire life, I would only come to the US for vacation during summer. It was not until I turned 12 that I decided to move back to the US to continue my studies and learn the language. So I did, I moved with my uncle and his wife on the summer of 2009. At the time, they resided in the Mayfair area of Philadelphia, PA. My uncle and his wife arranged everything for school and as of August of that year I was officially enrolled in Abraham Lincoln High School. Everything was …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they were born and raised in the dominican republic and decided to move back to the us to continue their studies and learn the language.
  • Describes how they felt out of place when they were in school uniforms back home. they didn't understand what the teacher was saying and were busted in tears.
  • Describes how their friend helped them with school work, communicating with people, and understanding the reasons why some people gave them weird looks.
  • Recounts how they were placed in a biology class in their second year of high school. the teacher asked them to move them from the class because of their language issues. they challenged themselves to be the best they could be.

My history teacher used to give me every day after class a summary of everything he talked about translated in Spanish. Luckily, I made a friend in my English as a Second Language (ESL) class, she was from the DR as well but unlike me she knew a little bit of English. She helped me at lot with school work, communicating with people, and even understanding the reasons why some people gave me weird looks. I always loved colorful things, so my book bag had like a rainbow of colors. So, this one day we were sitting in the lunchroom when these girls sitting beside us were talking about me and I did not even know what was going on. So my friend said to me, Jennifer, they are talking about you, they are saying you are lesbian because of the colors of your book bag. I was so shocked. I could not believe colors could define your sexual orientation. Who would have thought that because of my book bag I probably had half of the school thinking I was gay? This was new to me and I did not think it was fair but still I went and got a new book bag because I did not want to be seen that way, I wanted to fit

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