My Reasons For Pursuing Master Degree At Ccu Essay

My Reasons For Pursuing Master Degree At Ccu Essay

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My reasons for pursuing a master’s degree at CCU are the same as the reasons that led me to choose CCU for my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I believe very strongly in Jesus Christ and know that there are three parts to the way that He created people. Unlike any other creation he made, mankind was made in his image with a spirit, soul and body. I knew that I could not just learn about two of those aspects namely body and soul and leave out the most important thing, the spirit. It is important to learn about the human body and mind and also our emotions and what makes people unique. However, complete and total healing comes from incorporating the spirit, the part of the body that God redeems if we so let Him and is as much a part of us as the other two characteristics.
Colorado Christian University is the perfect combination of educational and learned excellence with true faith and the incorporation of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
How will completing a graduate degree at CCU influence your personal and professional development?
Even though it was hard to go to work and school, class night was my favorite night of the week. For the first time in my life I felt like I wasn’t working hard at all in doing something that I loved. I soaked up the information like a sponge. However, even though I learned about human behavior, the brain and the connection with spirituality, I felt like I did not have the tools to implement them in certain parts of my life. I could understand why people felt a certain way, or behaved a certain way, and I have used those skills every day, but my heart is to heal others and I feel like I am handicapped in doing that. I knew that I needed an extra understanding of how to be a counselor and the doors a ...

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...t you out for counsel or affirmed that they believe you should consider becoming a counselor?*
Yes, I have heard that multiple times during my life. Many people in my church have said that they see me as a healer. I am part of the prayer team after service at church and just love bringing God into their moment, young or old. My favorite affirmations though have been from the young adults in our group that my husband and I run. It has been an honor and a privilege mentoring these guys and girls for the past two years. There is nothing that I love more than to help them with issues that come along in young adult hood. All of my friends seem to come to me when the “going gets tough” for advice or a different perspective. Even people that I work with come to me for not only personal but just work related issues. In my last job especially but also my current job as well.

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