My Pursuit of Excellence at the National Sport School Essay

My Pursuit of Excellence at the National Sport School Essay

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The pursuit of excellence is a rewarding journey in which a person conquers their problems, attitudes, and fears to reach the excellence they have dreamed about. I am very privileged to attend the National Sport School, where I get the opportunity to pursue excellence in education and ski racing at the same time. The following concepts are important to me in the pursuit of excellence:

Part of pursuing excellence for me is having dreams. I am young still but I have dreams of where I want to go with my life. Going to university is very important to me. I have a vision of becoming the best ski racer I can be, and going to the Olympics. Moreover I want to be an intelligent and independent young lady. Having dreams and trying my very best to follow them is the first step to how I chase success. I do not know if I will make all my dreams come true but by just having that vision and belief of where I want to go really helps me better pursue excellence in the aspects of my life.

Another huge part of pursuing excellence is supporting others. People on my ski team have always tried th...

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