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My Personal Leadership Journey Essay examples

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Some people were born to be great leaders and some were born to be great learners. I ask myself this question, “How was I created?” Was I born a leader or was I molded to lead. As I explain my philosophy on how I want to lead, I will first dive into my past to recognize and pin point my creator. October 27th 2004 I raise my right hand in order to serve and protect the United State against all enemies, foreign and domestic. At this moment in my young personal leadership journey, I get my first glimpse of a leadership style, “shut up and listen.”
Clear and concise guidance was the meat a potatoes in my early stages of molding of who I am today as a leader or, at least I think. It was quite simple, I have A, B, C and D to do, this is how I’m told I’ll do it, and then I execute. Seems simple right? It is simple but it left me with questions and the want to ask, “why?” and I asked it a lot. At a later time in my career I noticed another type of leadership style, and the question was, “What do you guys think?” and that was asked quite often. This style had about the same success rate when completing a task then my first encounter but why?
There is a time a place to insert these styles and depending on the people being lead will help key into what style needs to be brought to light. Being a leader seems to be both engrained in us genetically and life lessons molds us into our leadership style as we progress through life. In order to be a leader, one must obtain leadership attributes and understand the principles of leadership. An effective leader must have a vision, have character and most importantly project presence.

I believe having a vision to lead is a first step to be an effective leader. The reason I find this to ...

... middle of paper ...

..., both intrinsic and extrinsic, in both leaders and followers. Trump is a businessman and this approach is embedded in him. As I grow in my military career or anyone in business, being able to have s strong presence can set you apart from anyone else. It can be critical in the success of your mission or as simple as a task.
There is no doubt there are multiple attributes and principles of leaderships styles out there. Some are more effective than other and being able experiment on those style can be beneficial. It takes being in charge, seeking challenges, standing firm in your belief of execution, adapting on your failures to really have a strong foundation in which to stand on and lead. Being able to visualize where you want to be, understand the importance of having character and a strong presence to project your thoughts can be vital and speaks strong leadership.

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