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There are four different leadership styles, which are autocratic, consultative, participative and free-rein. A leadership style is the driver in the success or failure of any project or work environment. The leadership style used by management directly influences team members ' performance and their ability to carry out instructions, as well as motivates the team to reach collective goals of the organization (Cunningham, Salomone, & Wielgus, 2015). I will also explore my experience as a manager and describe what type of leadership style I used. The first leadership style to discuss is the autocratic leader. This leader will make all the decisions for the group and they make it very clear they are in charge. The power they hold as the leader is important to them. Unlike the other three styles, employees do not have a voice and are unable to disagree. The second leadership style is the consultative leader. This leader will consult with employees to gain input into decision making to reach the goals of the organization. However, once they have come to a decision this leader will take responsibility for it. This type of leader is more team oriented, and is willing to delegate authority to other team members. The third leadership style is the participative leader. This leader is similar to…show more content…
The autocratic and free-rein leaders are not as common or well received by employees. Whereas, the consultative and participative leaders are more common, approachable, and well respected. As a consultative leader, this was a great match for my profession as a nurse manager. As a manager I involved the staff with decision making but, still had the final say. I also considered myself a participative leader, in that, I cared about my employees and the work we did. Therefore, my leadership style fits the situation, which was one way to determine the most effective style (Lamberton & Minor,

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