My Marketing Class : An Entrepreneur And Write Down The Interview Content

My Marketing Class : An Entrepreneur And Write Down The Interview Content

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This assignment is from my marketing class that requires us to visit an entrepreneur  and write down the interview content. The intended audience is my professor. The purpose of this assignment is to learn some managerial skills and other knowledge that may benefit us in future work. This paper is my final draft. I want to know whether there are any mistakes or inappropriate places that needed me to further improve. Thanks. 

Established in 2007, Rent-A-Car Tech. Co. Limited is specialized in renting various kinds of cars for people who have the needs of renting the car for some special use. Its mainly business is carried out online, therefore it belongs to electronic commerce company. The reason why I choose this entrepreneur is that he is famous for his prospective thoughts and decisive execution. I hear him before and has the desire to learn something about how to manage a company well.

The background of Mike Adney

Adney was born in Feb 15, 1982. He and his two sisters were born in a normal farmer family in Bablon, New York, a small town far away from the city. His intelligent was known by his family and neighbors. Since their living conditions is not too well, Adney just thought to pursue a better life by his own effort as well as making a good life for his family. He worked part time in a restaurant and a small manufacturing firm at the same time to support his family when he was 16. With his hardworking and excellent performance in School, he was admitted by Cornell University. The four years life and study in this university had laid the solid root for his E-commerce company. After one year work in an Internet company, he determines to start his own business. Together with one of his roommates in the university, he launch...

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... to learn”, so always be young at heart and learn new things in this rapid development society.


After the interview of Adney, I have a new cognition of staring own business. I have learned where there is the need, where there is the market. We need to observe the need of people around us in the daily life and figure out how to help them to meet the needs, then the market has appeared initially. After establishing own business, the acute insight and good market analysis skill are basic requirements. The cultivation of suitable enterprise culture will build a bridge of employees and company.
I have the thought of starting my own business for a long time and this idea has become more intense after the interview of Adney. And I have a basic knowledge of the gap for me to become a entrepreneur. I will make great efforts to improve my comprehensive abilities.

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