My Life Of College Is Not Unique Or Unlike Other 's Essay

My Life Of College Is Not Unique Or Unlike Other 's Essay

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My transition to college was not unique or unlike other’s. I had help from my mother, father and sister and met up with one of my best friends after they left. College is a time to grow and to find things that help the process. This can be difficult since college is not like high school. College challenges you to depend mainly on yourself and paths you decide to encounter. Time in college is supposed to be built around growth intellectually, mentally,and physically while pursuing a career. Intellectually, I chose the song “How Great” by Chance the Rapper ft Jay Electronica and My Cousin Nicole, conversations with my best friend, the song “Weary” by Solange, and yardfest to help me grow. These tracks are my guidance through my intellectual journey as a freshman at Howard University. These tracks help provide me with important characteristics I think are essential to be a successful adult.
“How Great” by Chance the Rapper better connects me to God which improves my faith and desire to prevail. I was raised in a christian home with little stress on going to church. With a weak faith I still understood the importance of God in my life because of my catholic school education. Being apart of a school choir in high school deepened my faith but not my love for music. My love for music was always consistent throughout my life. I enjoy music that is popular and also underground. Chance the Rapper, for a while, was an underground artist that released music on Soundcloud. Being such a fan, when Coloring book, his third album, released I was on the first to listen to it at twelve in the morning. After listening to the album fully once, I decided to listen again. The second time I connected to the song “How Great”. The harmonies of the choir ...

... middle of paper ... me to do the same. It also encourages me to be active in school. Seeing the alumni in their fraternity and sorority jackets was inspiring. The range of people at Yardfest was my first experience of culture shock at Howard.
Even though college is a challenge, the experience helps you grow intellectually. To successfully grow this way I use “How Great” by Chance the Rapper ft. Jay Electronica and My Cousin Nicole, conversations with my best friend, “Weary’ by Solange and Yardfest. These tracks are essential to my intellectual mixtape. “How Great” connects me closer to God, conversations with my best friend motivate me to strive harder, “Weary” helps me with self confidence, and Yardfest provides me with a better connection to Howard University. Each of these tracks help me on the path to being an adult with characteristics that I think are needed to be successful.

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