Compare And Contrast High School Vs College

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High School vs. College

High school is the time of student’s lives. The time to party, have fun and have new friends, and it is the time to work hard to pass the SAT or ACT and make excellent grades to continue the education in college. Not every student in high school knows what to expect from college and unluckily, I was one of them. My experience in college so far has made me think about the differences between high school and college, and it made me comprehend that students need to be prepared for it. Professors, school resources, and the freedom that college offers you make it a completely different experience from high school.
A high school teacher is the one responsible for the education of high school’s students. They are the ones who encourage students to acquire a high-level education and to fulfill a successful career. To become a high school teacher it is required to have a bachelor’s degree and have completed a teacher prep program. In addition, high school teachers develop a closer
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They cannot choose their classes, nor choose their schedule also teachers and advisors always supervise students so they do not make any mistake. It is not the high school student responsibility to pass the course, but the teacher responsibility to make sure the student passes the course. Expectations are low when it comes to high school because one way or another you are going to leave out of there with a diploma, except the students who decide to drop out of high school. On the opposite side, college gives the student so much freedom that can be overwhelming in some cases if they do not know how to control it. Students are responsible for choosing their classes, choosing their professors and schedule their classes. In college, there are numerous expectations, from the professors, the advisors, the family members and even the student himself/herself placed a high expectation when he/she decided to come to
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