Difference Between High School And College

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The transition from high school to college is a crucial step of any student’s academic life. The two differ in several aspects, but, are however, not entirely different.
As college is more advanced educationally and further assists their future in terms of employment, they both prepare students for their next step in life while helping them mature. The biggest and most obvious difference between high school and college is the expense where tuition is costly and public high schools are completely free to attend. Most college students need to rely on financial aid and loans, which are not always granted or may not be very helpful. They may spend years after they graduate paying back their loans. In addition, buying textbooks required for college classes are expensive even when renting for a single semester while high schools lend textbooks to their students for free use. Furthermore, college students need to be independent and responsible by accomplishing everything on their own, whereas high
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They can either choose a major they are already proficient in, want to learn more about or go undecided and choose in the future. In addition to basic subjects such as math, science and English, students take classes within their choice of study in order to obtain a degree. In high school, students are obliged to take electives as well as the basic subjects to get a diploma. As of schedules, college classes can be as long as three hours while high school classes are usually less than one. Also, high school students have approximately three minutes in between classes, are required to meet five days a week and have about eight hour school days as opposed to college where it can be hours between classes, meet more or less than five times a week and school hours can vary from day to
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