The Challenges Of Transiting To Adulthood And College Life

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Many students all over the United States of America have trouble transitioning from a high school to a college lifestyle. Whether it is classroom performance, personal adjustment, stress, health, etc. Students have a hard time moving away from home and starting a new chapter in their lives making the transition into adulthood and college life. A new student in college may also be introduced to time management and personal responsibilities. Adjusting to college life can be difficult for some students they may be overwhelmed with all the new aspects of life now that they don’t really have an adult figure watching over them at all times. This is a big problem because at this part of a person’s life they face a development challenge in which they need to change from a high school mindset to a…show more content…
In June of a students senior year they are filled with a sense of accomplishment while getting there diploma and graduating after working for the past four years to get to this situation, but they don’t realize the challenges ahead of them in college life. In an article written by Dr. Brian Harke he explains that students “…are overly optimistic and confident in their ability to manage the challenges they will encounter at college. This is referred to as the freshman myth. The freshman myth results in disenchantment when new college students ' academic, social, and personal expectations are not met after arriving at college. As a result, many students will leave college or flunk out within the first year.” From personal experience I know that young adults always think they are right and they know what there doing. But little do they know they have a lot to learn about life after high school. Students may think they are ready for this transition and they get told what they need to do over and over again but its weather or not they take the
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