Essay about My Letter : My Friend

Essay about My Letter : My Friend

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my friend
i hope you have not been avoiding me
Thursday 11:33pm

That 's exactly what I 've been doing, David.
Can 't tell if you 're being sarcastic though
Friday 9:32am

No, let me be explicit: I don 't fuck with you.
As in, you don 't play jokes with me, or you don 't want to have anything to do weight with me l

That 's correct.

In no uncertain terms.
Which one?

Moreso the latter but naturally the former.
What happened?

The entire first semester.
So it was something I said/did?

It was everything you said and did.

I 'm being vague however. You are a proverbial snake in the grass and you need to stay away from me.
Jesus man, what happened? Can we just be upfront since were both adults

There was no singular event that promoted this but a multitude. And you should be gracious that I 'm extending this courtesy to you to even talk.

You 're lying and deceptive, cunning and manipulative, and I don 't need people like you in my life.
I personally don 't remember doing anything to you that would have been reason to stop talking or be angry with me
Sorry if I did anything to upset you, honestly

Yeah, you were always the type to be oblivious.
Obviously I didn 't want it to happen

Nigga save that shit for someone who cares. You 're a toxic ass person I don 't want or need in my life. It 's been real, on my part at least, but it hasn 't been good.
Can you at least tell me what it is that I did? I 've been trying to be a good person and a good friend
This is most unlike you, dude
I hope you can talk to me about what 's going on, when you 're ready. I just don 't understand what it could be that I did, that would make a level headed person like you want to cut all ties with me, so I 'm naturally assuming that it 's some ridiculous mi...

... middle of paper ...

...owing you, I never expected a reaction like this unless there was a very serious betrayal, which I have been striving to avoid, because I like you as a human being and as my friend
Friday 3:31pm

I 've been pretty explicit with explaining my rationale and sentiments towards you. Case in point: I don 't trust you in the slightest, and I cannot be friends with those whom I cannot trust. While you may have unintentionally caused me tribulation, the damage has already been done and could have forseeably been prevented with more cognizance on your end.

Or maybe not, because this almost entirely stems from your personality. I 've done you the courtesy of being a good friend and entertaining this discussion, you get nothing more from me.
Will you meet with me one last time face to face? If we 're going to part ways forever then we might as well handle it in a decent manner

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