Essay on My Job Is The Elderly

Essay on My Job Is The Elderly

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The Elderly
Acquiring extra knowledge and insight of the elderly is important and relevant to me because I work in a nursing home and am applying to go to nursing school. My job is to care for the elderly so any education to further understand their situation and possible feelings is extremely beneficial in helping me to care for them. Due to the rise in elderly over the last hundred years, it is essential to be able to understand their needs. “In 1900, only 4 percent of Americans were age 65 and older. Today, 13 percent are.”(Henslin, 2013, p. 362). The percentage of elderly people in America have even doubled that of teenagers; it only makes sense to be able to understand their wants and needs as they are such a major part of society.
One section in the book that I find extremely relevant to me is the part about nursing homes, and the ghastly image that people have of what it is like to live and work in one. Before I was a certified nurse’s aide (CNA) I kind of just assumed that all elderly people were old, boring, lifeless and miserable. However, working in a nursing home completely changed my perspective. I would have never imagined how people 50-60 plus years older than me could be so intriguing and fun to be around. It is because of this, that I feel bad that nursing homes have such a negative image around them. Yes, they are understaffed and taking care of the sick isn’t a glamorous job, but I can tell you that it is much more rewarding than sitting in a cushy office, answering telephones and crunching numbers for a living, not to mention I bet it’s a lot more fun. For those of us who assist the elderly, I can personally attest that it is not all changing diapers and working in a place that smells of urine, while watchi...

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... patients to be seen and it would be important for me to make sure I do all the necessary steps before the doctor sees the patient. The use of checklists is a great way to make sure we are taking all the proper steps in care. The other idea that I fully support and find very influential in improving health care is to establish a Federal Center for Patient Safety. As someone trying to further myself in the health care field, it is important to me to be able to answer the concerns of my patients. Having a place in which patients can have access to medical providers’ history concerning patient injury and even death, would be a wonderful tool in helping patients make informed decisions about the care they are receiving. Although, we can never solve every issue, it is helpful to know our options, stay informed and make our best effort at providing the best care possible.

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