My Ideas About Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

My Ideas About Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

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In the beginning of the semester, my ideas about child abuse and neglect were very plain and simple. I honestly really only took into consideration physical and sexual abuse because those are the types of abuse you really can see and it’s a clear sign of what is going on. I never really thought about all of the different types of abuse such as neglect, psychological, exploitation, verbal, abandonment, self-neglect, and fiduciary. People really need to become more educated on all the types of abuse for many reasons. First of all, they will know what they can all do to help prevent it from happening and they will know how to put an end to it. Also, they will be more aware of any red flags they may see and they will know what to do when they come across someone being abused. Essentially everyone should become educated on child abuse and neglect because they could be the one to help save a life someday.
One article I chose to reflect back on from this semester is the article by Michelle Healy. In this article were a ton of great facts about child abuse and neglect. Even if people were to do something as simple as reading an article, they will still become educated on child abuse. One great fact a person could take away from this article is that an estimated rate of child abuse was concluded at 17.2 of every 1,000 children are at risk for some form of abuse. I took that estimated rate, and applied it to here in the Coachella Valley and I was very surprised. The Coachella Valley is a roughly small area and if you picture 1,000 children living in about a 5 mile radius from you, that’s almost 20 children that are being abused right in our backyards. Having only one person read this article could make a huge difference because it may ope...

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...ass I was able to learn more about mandated reporters and their duties. Before, I never knew that a doctor could be the one to see all of this happening and be the one to bring others attention to the problem.
Now that I have learned all of the abuse terms, their effects, some causes, and some preventions, I have a better view of child abuse and neglect. The class has helped me to see in many different ways, things I could be able to do to help someone in need and I also know how to even make a report if I need to. I received a lot of positives from taking this class and it has helped me to gather information for later on when I begin to work with children. More people should consider taking a child abuse and neglect class because even if their future career is nowhere near child abuse and neglect, at least they have the knowledge to know how to help others in need.

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