My First Years Of High School Essay example

My First Years Of High School Essay example

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Throughout my first two years of high school I was not challenged, I never had to think critically, and I never had to develop my own opinions. Instead I spent those first two years whizzing through my classes, and memorizing and repeating back others thoughts. That is until I entered the poster covered, map filled room of Mr.Beaman 's advanced placement U.S history class. I remember being nervous before even coming into his class because I 've heard the stories of Tom Beaman that rang through the packed halls of Reynolds High School. When I first met him he seemed like a very nonchalant teacher. Little did I know then that he was going to greatly influence who I want to become as an educator.
There are many times where I have caught myself thinking, " when will I ever use this in my life?" As I sat tapping my pencil on a wobbly table staring at the ticking clock on the classroom wall. Yet, there was never a time when that thought crossed my mind while in Mr.Beaman 's class. He was a teacher that knew how to engage the entire classroom for the entire 40 minutes. No one ever dozed off in one of Tom Beaman 's classes. In large part, that was due to the fact that he made all of the information meaningful. Rather than just using rote learning, he made sure to make the information meaningful as well. Granted, in some cases rote learning can be useful, however it can also simply produce inert knowledge. (Slavin). As stated in Education Psychology: Theory and Practice, "Effective teaching requires an understanding of how to make information accessible to students so that they can connect it to other information and apply it outside of the classroom." (SOURCE). The knowledge Mr.Beaman taught me in high school about U.S history is now cu...

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...le to my students as often as possible before and after school in order to provide them with any additional support they may need.
I was fortunate enough to have a teacher in my life that challenged me, and helped me become an independent learner who now knows the importance of questioning everything and thinking critically. At the end of my junior year Mr.Beaman retired. When it came time for my class to graduate he came back to visit, and he asked me what I decided to do for a career. I told him that I wanted to become a high school English teacher, his eyes lit up as he laughed, and said," good choice." Although I only ended his class with a C, he has been one of the most influential teachers in my life. He is the type of teacher that I strive to be, for I want to be someone who makes an impact on students lives and pushes for them to reach their full potential.

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