My First Journey At The West, A Western Country Essay

My First Journey At The West, A Western Country Essay

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While everybody else will write about their experience when they first left the States to go elsewhere like Germany, in my case is the other way around. I will talk about when I left my home town for the first time to go to the States, my first journey ever to the west, a western Country.
I was born and grew up in Northern Morocco, in a small town, colonized by Spain for a long time, my people are conservative a mix between culture and mild religious belief. I said mild because we never knew any kind of extremism. Everybody knows everybody, everybody trusts everybody and everybody respects everybody. Our close relationship with Spain opened Europe for us, we were in constant contact with their culture, their TV shows their way of living, meaning that from the start, all my preferred TV shows and movies were always Americans dubbed in Spanish, I always thought the movies or TV reflects the country [America] but in reality it was something else.
When I landed in the United States for the first time, I was full of fear, great expectations, anxiety and no turning back. My first shopping experience ever was to a local Walmart, it was, in my eyes a gigantic shop, before getting to Walmart, I must say: everything I saw so far was huge, the roads, the houses even the cars were different and bigger. Back at Walmart, I didn’t know from where to start, I wanted to see everything, to read every label on every product, it was like a huge library, I remember it’s like entering a library for the first time –because I loved reading- I wanted to read every book in there not to get out until I had finished them all maybe tomorrow they wouldn’t be there…. I ended up fighting the desire to stay in the Walmart the whole day so I grabbed the essent...

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...d then my kid was born. I was adapting to the life in the States little by little, I started to adjust to my surrounding but still no social life no friends or acquaintances, but I didn’t care that much we were planning to go to Germany, I’ll be closer to my family in there but that’s another story.

Someone once said: “Do not expect to find things as you have them at home . . . for you have left your home to find things different.” I didn’t expect to find home, I expected a place to make home of it, but still I couldn’t make it. It seems that nowadays every society want to stay close on itself, no one wants more foreigners, perhaps because they feel like losing their own culture to them or simply because the lack of tolerance in people. Every society has its own reason, religious cultural or economical still in every society there is a sub society growing on it own.

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