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Coming to a foreign country is a daunting experience. When I first moved to America, I had to leave everything behind such as, - my family,friends, and life back home. Although I welcomed the change, I was also afraid. This fear hovered over me for a long time before I had the courage to let it go. My experiences, both good and bad, allowed me to break out of my shell, become a leader for my family, and strive against all the odds to achieve my goals. When I first moved to America I did not speak to anyone in my class for an entire year. I was simply too afraid. Although I slowly began to break out of my shell, the process was long and painful. Every time someone bullied me about my accent or ethnicity, I retreated back into my circle and hid away. In order to be who I am today I had to spend a lot of time self-motivating myself.Today, I am the person who I am proud to be. I am a strong and confident individual that welcomes challenges. The journey, the hardships, and racism that I went through, throughout my life have shaped me into a strong individual. I come from a low income family with no background. My parents do not speak English. When we first moved to America, I had to teach myself English and then teach it to my parents. It is agonizing and heartbreaking to see how hard my parents work for my siblings and I. As immigrants, they work day and night in order to provide us with a better education and life. My mom leaves for work at 4 am and comes back at 7pm. My dad leaves at 5 am and comes back at 8 pm. Ever since my sister and I were young, we had to act like adults. We did all the chores, study, cook and more. My parents sacrificed a lot for me, just so I would have a taste of success that they never... ... middle of paper ... ...lties that Charter presented to them. In Charter, I had to continuously work hard in order to catch up with the other students. I had to teach myself how to write essays, how to do algebra, basic geography and more. In the end it was all worth it. My ethnicity, my experiences, and my parents’ sacrifices have taught me to strive on and never give up. Even if it’s difficult, I refuse to give up without a fight. Through the lessons I learned and the challenges I faced, I realize that my goal in life isn’t just to succeed, but to serve others as well. I do not view success as having a higher grade, or a better job, but what I do to help others along the way. With this motto, I desire to live a life where I can be proud to say that I did something to leave an impact in other people’s lives, and that I helped others get through their struggles just as I got through mine.

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