Essay on My First Full Year Of Teaching

Essay on My First Full Year Of Teaching

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As I reflect on my professional situation, the Epic Win that addresses my state of affairs need is, ‘Success is to be measured against the level of challenge’. Walking into the school for the first time as a teacher that cold January morning was one of the proudest and most nerve wracking of my life. I 'd completed my final teaching practice, had graduated from Valdosta State University only three weeks before and now found myself entering into a contractual teaching career. I was lucky enough to be employed to teach in a school I had done my final teaching in whilst training. Stepping in as a new teacher half the year presented its challenges, but nothing in comparison to my first full year of teaching. Within my first full year of teaching, I have faced so many different challenges, and I know I have much more to face in the years to come.
One challenge I face on a daily is the infamously naughty student in my class. This student is Tier 3 for behavior and academics. At this level, this student receives individualized, intensive interventions that target his skill deficits. Once the student continues to not show the desired level of progress in response to these targeted interventions are then referred for a comprehensive evaluation and considered for eligibility for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004). To avoid having this student tested into special education, I spend many days researching strategies and intervention to assist in this child’s progress. The many challenges I faced with this student on the daily, better prepares me for the next day. Roadblocks to accomplishing change within this student are his behavior, lack of motivation and his wi...

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...e best feelings in the world is teaching others what I 've learned. Not only will it affect the person I’m teaching, but I have hope that they, in turn, will teach others. Desiring to become a leader, learning need to a part of my culture. A way to start this is by teaching others what you 've learned over time. I want to become such a great teacher that my company can run itself without me there.
Your synopsis of Dr. William Daggett’s presentation was quite inspiring. Through this presentation, I have been encouraged and do plan to seek out a conference that he is speaking at. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, it forced me to change my way of thinking. It enlightens me on several things and inspired me in many ways. Each day in this new career, I will learn new strategies, reflect more, and seek to make myself and those around me see outstanding improvements.

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