Special Education Teachers

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Teachers are a very important aspect of children and adult learners’ lives. Educator professionals’ work is inextricably linked to the success of students, schools, and states. The shortage of teachers is increasing due to some having a lack of certification and being qualified. This paper will address the shortage of special education teachers, the shortage of teachers in rural areas, and other educators; also, how to recruit and retain teachers who are already in the teaching profession and what contributes to the decreasing numbers of teachers.
Rural schools suffer the most from a lack of sufficient teachers due to a high turnover rate and difficulty hiring. Many Rural school teachers are subject to impoverished areas, isolation from population concentrations, access to medical facilities and bad weather conditions. Rural schools have a below-average of highly trained teachers. Some of the challenges in rural schools are out-of-date textbooks, lack of technology, and greater teacher workloads. Rural school teachers deal with teaching multiple courses and disciplines, covering extra extracurricular activities, and teaching “out of field”. http://blog/betterhighschools.org Students are being taught by teachers who don’t have the sufficient knowledge and skills that is crucial for quality instruction.
Having a large share of special needs students and those who have limited English skills make it difficult to recruit and retain quality teachers. Due to the small size of rural schools and communities there is a smaller pool of applicants and teachers. (Monk, DH) The Federal government awarded schools with a three year extension to make sure all their teachers were highly qualified as the law required. In October of 1998 Preside...

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...ship programs for prospective teachers. In Florida For critical shortage areas the legislature created a program that forgives loans in exchange for teaching service. Mississippi offers teachers scholarships, high-school-to-college programs, college courses, incentive loans for teachers who serve in rural areas experiencing teacher shortages, scholarships for certified teachers seeking advanced training while working in a shortage area, and home loans or rental housing for teachers in shortage areas. Mississippi also has a professional on the department of education staff who recruits teachers in-state and out-of-state. (Collins, 1999) www.eric.ed.gov
In summation having a shortage in teachers can be detrimental. Teachers are needed to help with the success of student. Having great recruitment and retaining strategies will help overcome the shortage in teachers.
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