Essay on My First Day Of My Fifth Grade Year

Essay on My First Day Of My Fifth Grade Year

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By the end of my seventh grade year, I had a best friend, Taylor. We got a new student eighth grade year. She had a learning disability. When I went to the open house before school started, my English teacher told me about her and I said that I would make sure she felt welcomed. The first day of my eighth grade year, Taylor and I introduced ourselves to the new girl and became her friend. Eighth grade year, I got asked out by someone else. The rebellious child that I had become didn’t ask my parents and told the guy yes. At that point in time, I had given up all hope in my parents letting me do what I wanted and did whatever I wanted behind their backs; whether they knew or not, I don’t know. I had already tried to get them to let me pierce my ears; My aunt even tried to get them to let me. But because my mom’s best friend’s daughter had her ears pierced and had hoop earrings in one day and one got ripped out, my mom was scared to let me get them. My mom never got her ears pierced, but my aunt has her ears double pierced so she understood. I was the only girl in my class that didn’t have my ears pierced. My aunt and I finally convinced my parents to let me get my ears pierced for my birthday. I was in and out of relationships throughout my eighth grade year; I had about three that only lasted a few months each.
In the middle of my eighth grade year, the company my dad was working for got bought out and he lost his job. He tried finding a new one close to home so we didn’t have to move but he had no luck; he had to look at other states for a job. He looked at a job in Tennessee and almost had it. My parents told me that if we bought a house with land, I could get a horse. I had always wanted a horse. Most of my family live in the ...

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...I’m not sure. Whatever it was, I liked him so I tried to get him to join my group to walk around with. But Kyle wanted Hayden to walk around with him and Hayden ended up with Kyle. Looking back, I wonder if Kyle was trying to protect me from Hayden. After Farm Science Review, Hayden and I started talking. There was a girl, we’ll call her Clara for this essay, who also liked Hayden. When I found out that she liked him, I knew I had no chance with him because, despite my rebelliousness, Clara would do things that I wouldn’t. Yet, for whatever reason, Hayden chose me over Clara. I was told that when Clara found out that I liked Hayden, she stopped talking to him. Hayden wasn’t the best person; he did a lot of things that he shouldn’t have. I didn’t agree with some of the things he did but I couldn’t force him to quit doing them; it had to be his choice. He chose not to.

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