Essay on My Family Reunion - Original Writing

Essay on My Family Reunion - Original Writing

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There I was running around and playing while everyone grieved. I had no knowledge of what we were gathered for, all I knew was that it was fun to pretend I was Alice in wonderland. The halls and walls lined up with flowers and flowered ornaments all throughout the house. The house wasn’t as dull as it would usually be, it was alive with colors now. My little black shoes shiny and cute with a big black bow right in the center, and my sparkly fluffy dress stood out from all the others. This vivid yet faint memory of what I thought was a family reunion was really my grandmother’s wake. My mother’s eyes swollen and red from all her crying, I thought if she would only eat something maybe she wouldn’t feel like crying so much. I remember standing by her side as everyone would approach her one after another, people would just keep coming. No wonder my mom felt so bad, these people just wouldn’t leave her alone. Meanwhile, I waited patiently for my grandma to wake up and get up from that box she had been laying in all day. The last few days she had been laying around a lot I thought to myself. Everything was just going on and all my grandma would do was sleep. The box seemed comfy though, it was big as my bed, and it was lined up with fluffy material inside that looked like heavenly pillows. I now know that the box is called a coffin. At that time I was just five years old always thinking I was older since everyone always treated me like I was. I grew up very quickly, since I was the baby of the family and my siblings were twenty years apart I was always around grownups and rarely any kids, at least not my age kids. The only kids around me were my cousins who were around twelve years old or more. So, there I was playing around in a time...

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...literally overnight. Ultimately, I just didn’t really want to be a big kid after all. I wanted my mom to come and hold me while I laid on her chest and fell asleep like usual. I took my shoes off and set off in search of my mom whom seemed to be a stranger all night long. When I finally found my mom it seemed she was waiting for me, she picked me up and took me to bed. Instead of laying down with me she changed my clothes in a rush, gave a kiss and put me in my bed. No talking, cuddling, or the sweet motherly stuff she would usually do. She closed the door and told me to stay in my room now. I thought to myself, Gosh this big kid stuff is really ruff.
Looking back on it all, I must have been a little pain in the ass girl. Running around while everyone sobbed and cried. But it was that innocence that lets me look back on my grandmother’s wake as such an exciting time.

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