My Family Is A Nuclear Family Essay

My Family Is A Nuclear Family Essay

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After writing about my history and the themes I selected, I have learned a lot about who I am in society. I have realized that I am an average girl that has not experienced much of life. During this analysis I have come to realize I have not had much contact with other family types or other cultures.
The definition of family is “It finds its origin in marriage; it consists of husband, wife, and children born in their wedlock, though other relatives may find their place close to this nuclear group, an the group is united by moral, legal, economic, religious and social rights and obligations” (Ravelli and Webber 283). My family fits perfectly into the definition of what a family is. My family is a nuclear family; I have a mother, father and a sister who live at home and I live in the suburbs in an upper-middle class social position. Since I have heterosexual parents I am inexperienced with what it would be like to have same-sex parents. The roles within my family are mixed. My father and mother both cook and clean, my father works on the vehicles and fixes broken products in my house. The roles are mostly shared and both of my parents help around the house. My parents both support my sister and I and they both go to work as well as take care of us. The family theme I choose has impacted me by showing me all the different family types and how inequality is evident in any other type of family other then neutral or extended family. I now realize that I am very fortunate and everyone should accept others no matter what kind of family they live in. This has given me the label of normal in society if I had same sex parent I may be looked at as an outcast or outsider. Since this is how I was raised I am alike to many people. Since both of...

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...spect other social positions. I will also influence others to grow and create themselves however they want without relying others. I am involved with Big Brother and Big Sister and I am excited to help mediate children into becoming themselves. I now understand more about myself and why I am who I am today.
Overall, I have learned a lot about myself throughout this analysis and synthesis. Family and culture are major social constructions that have influenced me more then I thought going into this assignment. I am surprised about my findings and I am looking forward to move forward and help others create their identity. I will continue to look at the social forces that have made me who I am today and relate them to myself to gain a better understanding of all the aspects of myself. Therefore, I have learned a lot about myself and how I became the person I am today.

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