My Family Household And The Philippine School System Essay

My Family Household And The Philippine School System Essay

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When my stepfather Rolly Comia was in high school, he was approximately sixteen years old as a senior. His family was composed of seven children, including Haneli (21 years old), Madonna (19 years old), Laneli (17 years old), Nolly (15 years old), Orly (11 years old), and Shirley (10 years old). His parents, Braulio and Ildefonsa, were both in their late-forties. In contrast, I was a sophomore when I was sixteen years of age. Since the Philippine school system previously had no intermediate school instilled by its academic institutions and were widely disparate from the American school system, I was mandated to repeat second grade for only taking it in less than two months upon my arrival to the United States. Furthermore, my family household consists of four children. However, I have half-siblings in the United Kingdom—where my biological father currently resides—and the Philippines. The oldest in my family is Ernest (21 years old), then Mary (17 years old), and Errol (7 years old). In addition, my parents are in their early forties.
Like my stepfather, Roman Catholicism is deeply permeated within our family life. During high school, Rolly lived on campus and only returned home on the weekends, where he was able to go to mass on Sundays with his family. To spend time with his family, they often participated in fiestas regarding our religious faith. On the other hand, I currently live with my parents and do not participate in any religious festivals. Yet, my family continues to go to mass and to celebrate special events, such as Noche Buena and debutante balls. During Noche Buena, my family eats traditional Filipino leche flan and American dishes. Meanwhile, Filipino debutante balls are equivalent to quinceñeras and sweet sixteen...

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...utes. Hence, the father lead an authoritative position while the mother served as a buffer to maintain an equilibrium in the family. Despite differences in gender roles, each family member helped each other in times of trials.
In order to gather information, I asked my stepfather for an interview. However, he seemed reluctant to answer the questions because he was too engrossed on watching the NBA. Thus, I consulted my mother for information regarding the changes between the two generations. However, she was not extremely helpful because her answers were slightly blunt. Additionally, I also phoned relatives; but it was not an immediate success because they were either sleeping, uninterested, or not answering. For those who answered, the respondents were reluctant to discuss about their financial standing, but I was able to uphold an estimation on their income level.

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