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  • My Moment Of Clarity

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    before the body leaves and your new normal becomes seeing someone you love look at your face with a certain empty look that 's hard to explain. There 's no longer the fire and life in their eyes that you once used to see. There is however, moments of clarity. In the midst of the confusion, you see a small light in their eyes for a few minutes. They remember you. They love you. You get them back for that few minutes. It all too soon silently slips away and the light disappears followed by the question

  • The Importance of Clarity in Writing

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    The Importance of Clarity in Writing To write a good paper is there a magical recipe to follow? If there is you will not find it in these two books; Williams' Style: Toward Clarity and Grace and Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. What you will find is the elements that should be present to have a successful paper. Of all the styles mention though, one seems to stick out more then the others. This is the element of Clarity. What is clarity, you may be asking? It is simply the process

  • Importance Of Clarity In Communication

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    Clarity Clarity is ensuring that there is a clear understanding within your communication. Clarity is vital in all forms of communication whether it is written or speech. Some things that are necessary clarity is ensuring that there are specifications within the communication. An example of a time when I incorporated clarity within a text was when I created employee guides for my new trainees. Instead of incorporating language barriers I elevated and simplified my text. The guide was written professionaly

  • Towards Clarity and Boredom

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    Towards Clarity and Boredom Begrudgingly Admitting the Usefulness of Style Books When God stood over the Earth, rumor has it; he decreed that he felt the need to punish English Students everywhere. His response was swift and to the point: he gave the world Style Guides. Taking the big guy’s cue, William Strunk Jr, E.B.White and Joseph Williams all set about to light that path and frustrate writers and students everywhere. Mission accomplished. However boring they might be

  • Clarity In Goal Setting Essay

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    students discover more efficient strategies that help with their thought and perception of an idea (Locke & Latham 2002; Lock, Shaw, Saari and Latham, 1981; Smith Locke, & Barry, 1990). Clarity in goal setting can have an impact on student success and can reduce frustration when encountering a challenge. “Goal-clarity increases persistence, making individuals less susceptible to the undermining effects of anxiety, disappointment, and frustration” (Morisano, Pihl, Shore, Hirsh, Peterson, 2012, p. 256)

  • Finding clarity in Buddhism, Christianity, and Philosophy

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    Finding clarity in Buddhism, Christianity, and Philosophy There are many things in life that work to guide us to ultimate transcendence. Philosophy and Theology (specifically Buddhism and Christianity) each employ different concepts for allowing people passage to some harmonious place. Although each following is, in part, correct in their assumption of how to sustain a meaningful life, I find that the only religion that is relevant in dictating my personal transcendence is a particular way

  • Madness as The Pathway to Mental Clarity in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    Madness as The Pathway to Mental Clarity in Shakespeare's Hamlet Intelligence is often mistaken for brilliance, and conversely genius is mistaken for madness. Some of the greatest minds have been misconstrued in there time, and it is not until their whole life is taken into observance from the outside looking in, that their genius is realized and appreciated. Websters dictionary defines madness as "the act of being foolish or illogical." Ironically this form of thought has prompted some of the

  • Seeking Clarity: What is a Supervillain?

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    Superheroes are often the pure forces of benevolence who strive to protect those weaker than them. However, the presence of superheroes always begets the rise of supervillains who stand to oppose them. These entities are constructs of malevolence who represent ideals that are the antithesis of superhero ideologies. However, the characteristics of a supervillain are shrouded in ambiguity and necessitate creation of a concrete and descriptive definition. There are particular criteria that are essential

  • Clarity And Accuracy: The Importance Of Security And Security

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    Clarity is very important in our life, and without it, I believe we are lost. Being a security officer I use clarity every day. There are about 1,500 employees works for this company, and I developed good relations with the employees and customers. People always ask me help about things they lost or customers that do not know the departments they are going, so I have to find creative solutions to their problems. I have to be very clear about what I am doing and have to make sure I am doing correctly

  • The Elements of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

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    Strunk and White's Elements of Style and Joseph Williams' Style Toward Clarity and Grace When I initially thought about writing style I believed that there would be some nice neat definition, and maybe a few rules that would govern writing with “style”. It turns out that I grossly underestimated this topic and while I knew that writing style would be a topic of considerable depth, I did not fully understand the degree that I would be pondering the issue of writing with “style”. The