Essay on My Current Recommendation For Calorie Intake

Essay on My Current Recommendation For Calorie Intake

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The following is an analysis of a three day period in which I tracked my diet. I will be analyzing all nutrients that were taken in, and compare the intakes to my personal recommendations that are based off of my height and weight and desired weight loss. After fully analyzing this stretch of three days, I will then compare this to the first 3 day analysis from the beginning of the semester.
I will start my analysis with my calorie intake. My current recommendation for calorie intake based off of my calculated BMI is 1,778 calories. My average intake of energy over the analysis period was 1,763 kcals which was sufficient with the recommendation. I would feel my calorie intake is satisfactory with my recommendations. Compared with my first analysis period, I am taking in the same amount of calories on average, yet my recommended intake has changed due to my change in activity level since the beginning of the semester. Becoming even slightly more active has allowed me and intake increase of nearly 300 calories allowing me to be in a better energy balance versus the excess I have been in in the past.
The next area I will analyze is my consumption of the macronutrients of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats.
My carbohydrate intake during my second dietary analysis averaged at 185.7g out of a recommended 244.5g. According to my Calorie and Fat source report, my average intake of carbohydrates was 41% of my total energy intake. The AMDR recommends that carbohydrate intake range from 45 -65%, making my total intake slightly under the AMDR. Compared to my first dietary analysis which ranged at 42%, I have not had any changes to my carbohydrate intake. I do not have any concerns at this time with my total carbohydrate intake.
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...icans consume 75% of their sodium from these food sources. (American Heart Association, 2014). The AHA also recommends eating more fresh fruits and vegetables or to choose no salt added versions of the canned and frozen varieties. Another recommendation is to follow the DASH Diet. The Dash Diet is proven effective for lowering blood pressure. It encourages you to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain and high fiber foods, Fat-free or low fat dairy products, beans, skinless poultry and lean meats, and fish twice a week. It also aims for low quantities in saturated and trans fats and sodium and to limit added sugars. (American Heart Association, 2014)
Even though I do not currently have hypertension, I feel these changes are following a diet similar to the DASH diet would reduce my risk for developing hypertension and heart disease in the near future.

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