My Classroom Philosophy : A Teacher Is An Individual And Unique Experience For Every Student Who Enters A Classroom

My Classroom Philosophy : A Teacher Is An Individual And Unique Experience For Every Student Who Enters A Classroom

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My Classroom Philosophy
As a future educator, I believe that education is an individual and unique experience for every student who enters a classroom. My role as a teacher is to help my students develop the right strategies to be successful in and out of the classroom. This will be done by providing the right encouragement and direction by imparting values such as perseverance, hard work, determination, and respect through positive classroom management and the use discipline strategies. Why is classroom management important? It engages students, it keeps students prepared, it boosts confidence, and it limits classroom disruptions. With that being said, I will be using the following five principles to help with classroom management and limiting or eliminating behavioral issues within my classroom.
Discipline Management
Fred Jones mentions that “the purpose of discipline is to help students engage in learning, with the discipline as positive and unobtrusive as possible.” In order to manage classroom discipline, I will prevent bad behavior from occurring in the classroom by proving an effective desk arrangement, setting limits through the usage of body language, and using the Say, See, Do instructional approach. First and foremost, my room will be arranged in a manner where I am able to walk fluidly throughout my students desks. With that being said, I will group the desk into three sections. I will push two desks together on each side of the room, angled at a slant toward the front of the room and push four desks together in the middle of the room. By using this arrangement it creates two walkways to the back of the room and four walkways side to side between the rows. Along with desk arrangements, the manner in which you grasp ...

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...he permission of the district, I will ask all parents and guardians to download the app called Remind. Remind is a free, safe, and a simple way for teachers to communicate with students and parents. This will allow me to send updates, upload homework assignments, send out notifications the day before homework is due, and motivational messages to parent’s phones. These interactions are safe because phone numbers are always kept private and messages are sent with no open replies.
Positive Discipline in the Classroom by Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott, and H. Stephen Glen
Positive Classroom Discipline by Fred Jones
Discipline through Raising Responsibility by Marvin Marshall
Discipline with Dignity by Richard Curwin and Allen Mendler
5 Key Principles:
1) Discipline Management
2) Student Expectations
3) Relationships
4) Learning Environment
5) Parent/Guardian Roles

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