My Application For The Position Of Care Giver Essay

My Application For The Position Of Care Giver Essay

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To : Human Resources Hiring Manager

I would like to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to review my application for the position of Care Giver. As an undergraduate college student at Los Angeles Valley College, I am proud to apply to The Apple School Early Childhood Education. As a full time, and continuous Dean’s list student, I am aware of education has impact on children. It is my personal philosophy to maintain a reciprocal relationship with children. As a progressive educator, I am constantly gaining knowledge on children’s diversity and individuality, and the personal education they require in order to succeed in life. It is important to me to develop mutual growth, respecting the learner by allowing the student to expand their horizons. As a child centered educator, I want to empower a child’s ability. I believe in the encouragement of building on my knowledge where children are assured of their potential.

A beneficial skill that I possess is the appreciation for environmental diversity. As a San Fernando Valley resident, I am familiar with a variety of cultures and ethnic background, which will help me understand children’s background. As a fluent bilingual educator, in Spanish and English, I am an advocate for family engagement who will create parent friendly activities. As a nurturing caregiver, I emphasize on tending to their human domains. I will tend to their Cognitive, socio-environment, physical, emotional, and language domains to establish a well-rounded child. As a member of a Hispanic family, I am familiar with caring for children of all ages. As an older sister I was in charge of helping raise my 3 younger sisters. Eventually, my extended family hired me to babysit while they worked. I was in c...

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...en Relations
• CD 11: Home, School and Community Relations
• CD 35: Fostering Literacy Development in Young Children; *Literacy Certificate.
• CPR: Training for Adult, Infant & Child CPR and Community First Aid Safety;
• PSY 01: Introduction to human Psychology
• PSY 12. Child/Human Development;
• SOC 10: Deviance and Youth
Position: Secretary: Quality Roofing Company; 2012- present
• Consult customer’s business plan, thus becoming a trusting representative.
• Accommodates challenging personalities to accomplish a successful contract.
• Increase company’s income through negotiating appeals
• I distribute monetary expenses within budget.
• I respect fellow companies that coexist in the roofing company field.
CEL. PHONE: 1(818) 438-1324

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