Essay about Multiple Case Study Analysis

Essay about Multiple Case Study Analysis

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This is an education research paper that explores the qualitative research method known as Multiple Case Study Analysis. It will look at design, implementation, and analysis. It will further touch on what is meant by a case study in itself.

As asserted by Stake (2006), “The multicase study is a special effort to examine something having lots of cases, parts, or members” (p. vi), which by the study of those parts, is able to then better understand the something as a whole, and the ways in which it functions across different scenarios. In other words, it attempts to explore and understand a specific issue or phenomenon, within its context, by examining the individual parts, or cases, which make it up. Stake refers to this whole, or specific phenomenon that is the main focus of study, as a quintain (p. vi). By studying a variety of data sources, multiple facets of the quintain can be revealed and understood, because it ensures that the phenomenon is not being view in a singular, or biased manner (Stake 2006).
The Single Case
Before proceeding with the workings of a multiple case study analysis, it is epistemologically important to understand and acknowledge the significance of the single case, which is studied not only as a single entity, but also in relation to its impact on the whole, as well as its correlations with other cases, across multiple conditions. This analysis will ideally aid in the general understanding of the elements of the quintain such as function and relationships.

Cases are chosen for their ability to provide a variety of perspectives of the quintain. Thus, it is imperati...

... middle of paper ...

...only the findings that are supported by many cases will be included in the final report, consequently, decreasing situationality. Track III provides factors for cross-case analysis, which can be measured quantitatively, thus eliminating situationality completely.

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