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Mr. Leroy is an 80 year old male new patient at Old Town Nursing Home (OTNH) with a large open wound on his left foot. This wound was present upon his arrival at OTNH. Mr. Leroy suffered multiple strokes in the past, which left him incapable of making informed decisions for himself. The only family member present at OTNH is Mr. Leroy’s son, who is a veterinarian. The son insists that the nurses, Director of Nursing, Dr. Keene and the Nursing Home Administrator support the use of sterile honey and maggots on the wound as a treatment measure. Dr. Keene affirms that kind of treatment is unapproved. He continues to stands by his decision after having lengthy conversations with Mr. Leroy’s son and the Nursing Home Administrator. Also, Dr. Keene deemed it more important to evaluate circulation and identify other underlying medical issues before successful healing could be achieved. Mr. Leroy’s son wholeheartedly disagrees with Dr. Keene’s medical judgment. Dr. Keene refuses to approve the honey and maggot treatment. Therefore, Mr. Leroy’s son withdraws his father out of the nursing home before any other circulatory or medical assessments can be conducted. He will perform the honey and maggot treatment at home.
Major Problems and Secondary Issues
The major problem is the unclear nursing home policies. There is no clear policy identifying the designed person authorized to make decisions for patients incapable of making decisions for themselves, such as a health power of attorney. It is very clear that Mr. Leroy cannot make decisions for himself. Therefore, a health power of attorney should have been established well before Mr. Leroy entered the nursing home. It is unclear if the son who is present is Mr. Leroy’s only child and has healt...

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...idering the feelings and need’s of their patients.
It is recommended that the hospital implement the Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney document and policy to be disclosed at initial consultations. These will help the nursing home personnel manage family requests and patient’s rights. It will help align patients with the right doctors as well.
Within in six months of policy creation, all patients who are incapable of making decision will have a power of attorney documents. By end of the year, health and welfare lasting power of attorney document will accompany each patient’s file that is incapable of making decisions.
By end of year, family and patient dissatisfaction of treatment will decrease by 30%.
Within one year of implementing policy, there will be a 10% decrease in family members withdrawing patients due to treatment disagreements.

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