Case Study Of Benita Vasquez

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Read the posted case study about Benita Vasquez and discuss the following questions: 1. What are the clinical causes of death in the story? a. Senora Vasquez died because of uncontrolled diabetes, Infected wound and diffusing kidneys. With not well-controlled diabetes and acquiring an infected burn wound makes it harder for the patient to get treatment. Thus with the condition of the patient and her current social status, she is unable to afford the treatment and medications needed to alleviate her suffering. Her health conditions worsen and added more suffering to both health and expenditures. By the end of the story, Mrs. Vasquez had below the knee amputation, infected wound and diffused kidneys, which needs dialysis. Also, the co occurring…show more content…
The cultural identity that contributes to the poor health outcome of Senora Vasquez is that initially she doesn’t want to receive treatment from the hospital upon having a burned leg. Since they don’t have enough money to support the treatment Senora Benita has stop drinking the antibiotics and changed the dressing for only few times which makes the site become more infected. Prior to that, upon having the burns she put some lard or butter to the site and some herbs, which is not proven to be helpful in treating burn areas this lead to infection of the patients burn site. Also, self-care beliefs, the tendency of using home remedies, which was perceived as minor problem, was not given attention…show more content…
The intersection of health policy to the case of Senora Benitez is brought by social, political and environmental factors. First social, Senora Benitez with no children, husband who got laid off from work and a life in a trailer truck added in worsening the health condition of Senora. I think if only the husband can have work and if they have children who can support their needs it will be easier for the family to support the treatment needed by the patient. Political wise because of the surgeon who’s been wanting to have his own vascular surgery clinic and did a wrong surgery. Also it is stated that he started the patient on additional antibiotic, which makes the kidney of the patient to diffuse. I think because of the dream of the doctor the budget allotted to the patient was consumed and the hospital administrators became worried. I also want to assume that educational background was also not tackled, it is important to know that the patient is understanding the teaching well and know the importance of the treatment and possible outcome if not followed. Also, social isolation when the author described Mrs. Benitez not attending church and the only option for her would be her neighbor who barely let them borrow the car to drive for 12 miles. The distance of the health care center is also a factor and the reason why can’t do follow up
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