Motivation, Creative Thinking, And The Causes Of Stress On The Job Essay

Motivation, Creative Thinking, And The Causes Of Stress On The Job Essay

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Clear understanding of motivation, creative thinking, and the causes of stress on the job can be used to inform decision making and improve organization performance. Motivation is critical in an organization such as knowledge of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and motivating factors because they are essential in improving organization performance. If motivation is not present then individuals lack in performance and stress may become present because pressure from organizational need are not met. Understanding sources of stress is also relevant in decision making and organization performance because those barriers can be eliminated or how sources of stress can be a benefit in decision making and performance. When knowledge of stress or barriers of stress are factored in, then individuals have the ability to foster creativity. Fostering creativity is also vital in an organizational setting because it adds value and innovation of new ideas to promote growth. As you continue to read you will be able to identify how an understanding of motivating factors, sources of stress, and fostering creativity are all vital in decision making performance.
In order to understand motivation we must first identify with meeting needs. When a level needs are met then we are motivated to meet the next level of needs. For instance, the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs symbolizes human needs and why humans behave in ways that best suits their needs. Maslow theory is categorized from lowest (bottom) level of need to the highest level of need (top) in a pyramid format. Beginning from the bottom is the physiological needs which biological drives for food, air, water, and shelter (Denhardt, Aristigueta p. 167). Second comes safety needs, once the basic physical need...

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...rmation gathered in the first stage. Relaxation is the key in this stage because the subconscious work and ideas takes it course. Next is the illumination stage in which the individual comes up with a final solution or idea. Verification is the final stage of the creative process. It includes testing, verifying, and sharing your ideas with others. As you can see, creative thinking is an important process that needs understanding and allowance or else good decisions will cease and organizational performance will fail.
In conclusion, understanding motivation, causes of stress, and creative thinking are all vital in decision making and improving organizational performance. Without motivation individuals lack in performance because needs are not satisfied. Stress may result from the lack of motivation and other various factors which affects the fostering of creativity.

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