Essay on Motivation and Job Satisfaction Theories

Essay on Motivation and Job Satisfaction Theories

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Motivation and Job Satisfaction Theories

The idea of motivation applies to internal elements that coerce action and external elements that can function as stimuli to perform. There are several characteristics that can be affected by motivation such as intensity and persistence. Moreover, motivation goes beyond affecting the procurement of individuals’ skills, and plays a part in the magnitude which they use their skills and abilities.
The belief is an organization that has excessive quantity of turnover and absenteeism is the consequence of poor job satisfaction. Excessive turnover and absenteeism normally will result in the organization paying additional cost to recruit and train new employees which can and normally will impact the company bottom-line. The problem with many companies today is the inability to recognize that job satisfaction is directly related to their bottom-line and therefore, do not place job satisfaction as one of its urgent administrative priority.
This issue is based on organizational failure to recognize the substantial advantages an organization could realize by making an effort to influencing employees’ outlook. When an organization has content employees, they are more inclined to be productive and committed to work and their employers. It is imperative that organizations establish a work environment that entice, inspire and retain the best people which in turn will be beneficial for organization.
The goal of this assignment is to utilize a motivation and job satisfaction theories for a particular situation that correlated to motivation this author observed or have knowledge of professionally. Moreover, this author will examine how beneficial this theory is in elucidating the deficiency in effo...

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