Most Children 's First Words Essay

Most Children 's First Words Essay

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Most children 's first words are “mama” or “dada”. The people you spend the most time with. They love you, care for you, and are responsible for all your needs. Throughout childhood, there is no one you rely on more. Without them, or anyone to care for you, you will struggle to even stay alive. They invest an enormous amount of money on you, all the way up until you 're an adult. Then after all the years where they are cared for, it all suddenly ends. Then what? Children are thrown into adulthood, and they are expected to care for themselves. In my opinion, and I would know since I am in the same position, students are unprepared. Young adults, now moving into the next stage of their lives, have to figure out how to pay for college, to get a good job, and how to earn enough money to live life in comfort. It is a huge responsibility! There should be a way to lessen the costs which are a huge burden on young adults. In their first couple of years after college, costs and responsibilities are constantly distracted students from college studies. My proposal is as follows, if you, as education legislators, could fund grants to help pay for individuals college it would benefit those who wish to further their studies. My solution help a great deal, so I beg you lend me your ears. Similar to scholarships, there would be grants to put students planning to go into important fields of the work force; engineering, medicine, business, to pay for college. As a result those who gave a valid effort in high school, earning a high GPA would be able to get a free education. The purpose of education should be to instruct students so they may learn enough to benefit themselves and their community. What better way of benefiting students than giving mo...

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...something has to be done to solve it. Our nation 's economy cannot grow unless we have a new educated work force. It is clear such an education system would help all to get the knowledge they need to be successful will help our country 's economy create new opportunities.
It will take a great effort to change our education system after so long, but with change, many possibilities in our economy arise. It would ease the difficult transition between childhood and adulthood by limiting costs of education. It would give some who don 't have enough money a learning experience without the anxiety about student loans. Most importantly, it would help our economy thrive with new jobs and skilled college graduates to take them. An excellent work force is always needed. Change is difficult, but with the possible opportunities of such an investment, it is worth the risk.

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