A Reflection 1: Infancy And Toddlerhood

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Nursing 202 Reflection 1: Infancy and toddlerhood Before taking this course I already had a prior knowledge on infant and toddler development being a child development and family relations major. I have worked hands on with children in this age range and from previous courses know a lot about their physical growth and development. I knew that baby’s had poorly developed muscles in the beginning stages of life, but I didn’t know how long it took to get the muscles to develop. When holding a child we were always taught to support the neck and never let it just flop around. It was interesting to find out that even though a baby might be able to lift its head at one month its neck muscles are not fully developed until three months. By the time a child reaches two years of age their baby fat will start to disappear and be replaced by muscle from their constant movement like running and jumping.…show more content…
Simple things in a day like making sure infants are getting a nutritious meal and toddlers are getting plenty of physical activity can make a difference in how they develop. To accommodate all toddlers during activities is just making sure you are accommodating all types of learners through visual, auditory, and physical examples! By asking a child to kick a ball you are promoting their muscle development through auditory commands which is maybe how the child learns best. These different learning styles also make sure that all the children are engaged in the activity. As for nutritious accommodations an educator needs to see that all the infants are fed and chart how much the child is eating every time they are fed for the mother if they are bottle

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